Volunteer With HI USA

Volunteer with HI USA

From the earliest days of the organization, HI USA has relied on our dedicated volunteers.

The first hostels in the USA started when volunteers opened their homes and barns so that hostellers could get out, see the wider world, and connect with other travelers. HI USA Hostels have changed a lot since then, but what hasn't changed is the important role our volunteers play in delivering our mission. By sharing the best of their hometown with today's hostellers, our volunteers help HI USA inspire a genuine understanding of people, places and culture for a more tolerant world

Our volunteers tell us that the best part of volunteering with HI USA is staying connected with the community of travelers, whether they are hostel guests, or attending a travel event. Volunteering with HI USA provides opportunities for professional development, leadership training, and new social events that bring our volunteers together to strengthen their own connections.

Why volunteer with HI USA?

Share your passion: Opportunities include leading tours and cultural outings, hosting hostel events, teaching travel classes in the community and more.

Make a difference: Our volunteers help our guests connect with each other, the communities they visit, and the wider world.

Earn free travel: Volunteers earn travel gear, hostel overnights, and HI USA memberships.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Join us and make a difference, volunteer with HI USA today.

If you are a part of a company that has an Employee Volunteer Program, please contact Kassi Oliver, kassi.oliver@hiusa.org, to learn more about partnering with HI USA.